There is a lot to tell. What happens behind the scenes? What are we working on right now? We tell you Knobi insights first hand. Live from our four walls.
Between inspiration & interaction
Honesty instead of greenwashing. Community instead of competition. At the identity days Vol.01, around 100 entrepreneurs and managers from the fashion, shopfitting, hotel/catering, working environments, architecture and education sectors met at the Konrad Knoblauch GmbH headquarters in Markdorf in mid-April to discuss sustainability in interior design and fit-out.

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From the desk to the joinery

Daniel Gantz carefully strokes the wood of the doors he is currently installing. He has spent four weeks gluing, screwing and stapling. Learned which adhesive is suitable for which wood and how doors are fitted perfectly. Classic carpentry training content, in other words. But Daniel is not a carpentry apprentice at all, he is actually a desk worker.

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What does a general
entrepreneur do?

The floor is to be laid, but the screed is not yet dry? When trades are not optimally coordinated, chaos often breaks out on the construction site. The consequences: Costs explode, deadlines are missed – and in the end the quality is not right. Project management manager Oliver Kempf and his team ensure that everything runs smoothly with optimally coordinated management based on the lean construction approach. Even on large construction sites with an area of several thousand square meters.

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415 years!

That’s how long these 26 employees have been with us! We came together from all corners of our company at the anniversary celebration – from the joinery, metalworking, logistics, accounting, reception, project management to interior design.

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Dia dhuit, Dublin!

Our apprentice Vera Wiggenhauser spent three weeks on an internship in Ireland’s bustling capital Dublin as part of the Erasmus program. She learned five things that she has written down for us here.

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Something for your ears!

Are you looking for a really good podcast about the world of work? Then we’ve got something for you! In her new podcast series “Work Vibes”, Josephine Winkens talks to inspiring minds about current workplace topics. Phine is Head of Workplace Innovation and therefore our expert on the topic of working environments and identity-creating spaces. Have a listen! Work Vibes | Podcast on Spotify

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Interior trends 2024

On the one hand, soft colors, vibrant and full of life, through to flashy, bold room concepts. On the other, dark, cave-like retreats, natural and sustainable through to the re-use of materials.

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Pure inspiration

2023, what a year you’ve had! For us Knobis, it was a year full of exciting projects that opened doors and hearts. In our Best of 2023, you can see rooms that we find particularly inspiring.

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Oh, how we missed that during the coronavirus era! Sitting together comfortably with colleagues, eating delicious food, partying, dancing a little! And in rooms that we designed and developed ourselves!

To the aftermovie
Business Breakfast

We love being hosts! At the 25th Business Breakfast Bodensee, organized by Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis GmbH, the focus in our Ladencafé office was on the exchange and networking of managers and entrepreneurs in the region. Ultratrail runner Annabel Müller gave exciting impulses on courage, endurance and trust. Qualities that are also incredibly important for the success of companies.

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Healing Architecture

Bed, bedside cabinet, wet room? Today, medical rooms must be much more than functional places: they are places of comfort, hope and recovery. They help to reduce stress and anxiety – through healing architecture. Our planners know this and are implementing more and more room concepts in the health & care sector.

ICONIC Awards 23

All good things come in threes! We are proud as punch to have won three awards at the internationally renowned ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture 2023. The interior concepts of the Qui bar & aparthotel in Balingen and one privat loft. There was also the BEST OF AWARD for our Euroshop-Campaign. Great teamwork.

Creative minds.

Break away for two days, leave the stress of everyday life behind and give free space to creativity. Our interior designers can experience this wellness program during their 2-day workshop on storytelling methods with Thomas and Martin Poschauko.

Using your own hands and digital techniques, all 15 creative hearts will be revitalised. Abstract thinking, welcome.👋🏻