Best of 2023: Open new doors!

2023, what a year you were! A year of new beginnings with profound crises and changes. A year of change with major challenges and opportunities. And for us at Knobis: a year full of exciting projects that opened doors and hearts. In our Best of 2023, you can see spaces that we find particularly inspiring.

Retail: Hej Pop-Up-Shop!

When the jeans label Dawn Denim asked us for a concept for mobile, modular and easy-to-assemble pop-up systems, we were immediately hooked! Well-designed clothes racks, merchandise tables, standing and wall shelves that are produced in a resource-saving way – finally a challenge for our planners, carpenters and material scouts. The result: a lightweight, CO2-friendly plug-in system. This is how stationary retail works today!

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Gastro & Hotel: Come in!

Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Dresden, Dublin – we are conquering Europe’s major cities with our roll-out customer Motel One. Thanks to the lively interior design set-up, no two hotels are the same. Motel One attaches great importance to regional references when designing the lobby. Will you discover James Joyce, the city’s icon, in the Motel One in Dublin?

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Working environments: New Work?! New rooms!

Rooms that motivate. Spaces that inspire. Spaces that convey a corporate identity. Spaces for encounters. The showroom we designed for service provider Poesis Consulting GmbH shows that such spaces are also possible in a small area. A work café where employees and customers can meet, but which can also be flexibly designed – for workshops, for example!

Health & Care: Our mission is inclusion!

Customers know within three seconds whether they feel comfortable in a room – or not. And when it comes to sensitive health issues, a relaxed, stress- and anxiety-free atmosphere is particularly important. This is exactly what you will find at the Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Technology in Dresden. Konrad Knoblauch planned, designed and built the sales area as well as the treatment cabins – turnkey. The special feature: Over 100 pieces of special furniture were manufactured in our factory in Markdorf!

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Living space: a departure for something new

What began with “We just want to change the floors and paint the walls a different color” eventually developed into a 350m2 house renovation. Because it quickly became clear: unique rooms need more than just a new coat of paint! In the end, there were happy customers who feel great in their new home.

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Modular construction: A bathroom for you and your guests!

We are particularly proud of this project: with the tinyblue, we have created a mobile bathroom container that can be used in a variety of ways. On campsites as a private bathroom, for example, but also at events – simply wherever a bathroom with a feel-good atmosphere is needed!

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Vehicle conversion: Now it's time to drive off!

A room on four wheels? That’s the vision of the mogX – our expedition vehicle with which we are conquering the vehicle conversion market. Whether trailer or Unimog – our creative team of craftsmen, engineers and designers are passionate about getting crazy projects rolling.

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