415 years!
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That’s how long these 26 employees have been with us! We came together from all corners of our company at the anniversary celebration – from the carpentry, metalworking, logistics, accounting, reception, project management and design departments.

Some started out as interns

These people have been working at and for Knoblauch for ten, 15, 20 and even 45 years. Some came as young interns, others as trainees, others again after their studies. And some of them have even left to work for another employer in between – and then came back to us.

Deep connection

“We thrive on young, innovative ideas. But we also thrive on the experience and knowledge of our long-standing employees,” said our owner Jürgen Zahn at the small, but very special anniversary ceremony. It was great to look at so many faces in which he recognized a great bond with the company.

45 years of carpentry work: Our man!

Like our man, Manfred Zerlaut, for example. When Manne began his carpentry training in 1977, most Knoblauch employees were not even born yet, as our current average age is 39! Zerlaut was hired by our founder Konni Knoblauch, who had just taken over his parents’ carpentry business in Efrizweiler.

“Back then, five of us drove to the construction sites in a green VW bus, sitting on garden chairs in the back,” recalls Manne. Installing a few windows here, for example in the Bischofsschloss in Markdorf, fitting a few cupboards there – Konrad Knoblauch GmbH was still a real village joinery. “My first front door is still standing today,” says the 62-year-old, stroking the grained wood of an oak table. Rustic oak, painted coffee brown – that was the trend back then. “Today, furniture is much more individual, the knotholes, the sapwood – it can all be visible,” explains the cabinetmaker.

From five to 260 employees

No one else at Knoblauch has experienced our success story so closely: from five employees to 260 today, from a small workshop in the backyard to a large factory consisting of a joinery, locksmith’s shop and paint shop, from private window construction orders to major international construction projects for popular brands such as Marc O’ Polo, Motel One and Ralph Lauren.

Das Sonderbau-Team hat den modularen Schiffscontainer Umbau

Why has Manne never changed jobs? “The company has developed in my favor,” he says. He has been able to change, take on exciting projects, for example in the area of special furniture – and he has long since stopped traveling to construction sites to work in his area in the factory. “The work itself has become more demanding, but the conditions are much better than they used to be,” says Manne.

We would like to thank Manne and our 25 other employees who have remained loyal to us for so long! You are the best!

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