Mes Amis stores

Shop with meaning(s).

Mes Amis stores

/ Client: Mey
/ Location: Heidelberg, Bremen, Aschaffenburg
/ Size: 140 – 183 sqm
/ Services: Interior fittings, interior design, furnishing

A vision from the house of Mey required an identity that can be bought without losing the ‘recognisability’ with your own house brand. Sounds like a balancing act? Which succeeds with an exploratory tour, with the Mey managing directors, through the KNOBLAUCH material warehouse and finding the right concept.

Sensuality, quality and an irresistibly soft feeling on the skin describes bodywear from Mey. Attributes that flatter the eye in the form of brass and velvet in warm rosé or apricot tones adorned the company’s previous stores. Characteristics that the underwear specialist would like to transport into new product worlds and enrich them with additional qualities. Under the appropriate name mes amis collaborations, multi-label stores are created in which women and men can enjoy a lifestyle concept with a special feel-good factor for cosmetics, swimwear and underwear, of course.

Other specialists such as Watercult, Falke or natural cosmetics manufacturer Greenglam supplement their own range. After stores in Heidelberg and Bremen, which opened at the beginning of 2022, this shopping symbiosis has also been available in the largest mes ami store to date, in Aschaffenburg, since April. Here it is immediately clear from the outside: somehow it is Mey, but a bit different. Signs frame the entrance area, which pick up the X from the mes ami logo with golden expanded metal. A material that meaningfully enriches the rather soft brand identity.

Just like the green Metro tile in the checkout area. Rather found more in gastronomy, it embodies fresh spirit here and forms an exciting contrast to the warm, cozy ambience of wood and pastel. Mey Managing Director, Matthias Mey, also found this tile attractive when he discovered it during a tour of the KNOBLAUCH material warehouse. That fits! To the beach fashion on offer, along with the holistic shopping experience.

This can begin in the Aschaffenburg store in the cosmetics room installed for on-site applications. And end with a fitting of the fabrics that underwear dreams are made of – in the secluded semicircle of the changing area.

In 360° booths that seem to gently hug customers as if in a cocoon. Shopping with feeling.

Stöber doch mal weiter.