E1 concept store

Like a Phoenix out of the mud.

E1 concept store

/ Client: The Eller family
/ Location: Euskirchen
/ Size: 600 sqm
/ Services: Strategy, interior fitting, interior design, furnishing
/ Photos: Jens Pfisterer

In July 2021, huge flooding rolled across the country, tearing down trees, houses, roads and burying numerous existences under a blanket of devastation. This also happened to the two fashion houses of the Eller family in Euskirchen. Stick your head in the mud? It wasn’t an option for the Ellers. New chance, new luck – look ahead and go.

Plaster, screed, pipes – everything was broken. The wall separating the two shop areas no longer mattered. Away with it. A single large room of over 600 square meters was created. This is now the home of the new concept store, which pleasantly wipes away gloomy thoughts of the past year with its bright and friendly atmosphere.

The store lives from its generous openness and the comfortable calm that the modern architecture and the harmonious color concept radiate. It is the semi-transparent curtains in the shop windows, the breathing open areas with the casual furnishings and the stylish lighting along with the newly conceived product presentation at eye level that elicit a wow from the customers. In the middle is a five meter long table, on which the entire fashion expertise of the family business is presented through carefully staged merchandising. White cloths hang from the ceiling above them – as an eye-catcher and as a homage to the cloth town of Euskirchen. There is no longer a cash desk at E1. Instead, a long bar was set up where guests can relax and enjoy an espresso while paying for their purchases. This whole area is in the color “Red Earth” and radiates abundant warmth and friendliness.

While the spacious cabin area with sofa landscape is immersed in “Green Earth”, as a color synonym for creativity, harmony and relaxation. Otherwise, the entire area is wrapped in soft beige and natural tones so that the respective collections come into their own. Oak wood, linen fabrics, concrete and filigree black steel furniture blend in with subtle contrasts. Wow.

Stöber doch mal weiter.