Monari store

This is the holiday mood.

Monari store

/ Client: Monari
/ Location: Hamburg
/ Size: 85 qm
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing, lightning design
/ Photos: Jens Pfisterer

Who doesn’t know that? Everything is different on vacation. The light. The air. The laughter of the people and the tingling of the sun and sea water on the skin.

You want to take all of that home with you. Renate and Bernhard Bosch managed to create a very special souvenir in the 1980s: Inspired by a summer in Tuscany, they founded their own fashion label. If you enter a Monari store today, you can still feel this Italian flair.

There are the walls, with their warm color and soft texture. One immediately thinks of a cozy Osteria, somewhere in the hilly hinterland of Siena. The large wooden tables with their original character. The pasta and the wine would taste much better on them. The sleek shelves are made of black steel and wood, the till block is made of sand-colored travertine. The adjustable wooden slats in the shop windows, which playfully break up the otherwise completely unobstructed view of the shop and always allow the right amount of confidentiality despite all the openness. And last but not least, the iconic accessories that are scattered around the room like carefully selected travel souvenirs.


The backdrop could hardly be more appropriate for Monari’s fashion, which confidently stands out from the naturally Mediterranean architecture. Everything is consistent, every contrast is deliberate. “Monari loves to surprise” says the company’s website. This has definitely been achieved with the new store concept. Che bello!

Stöber doch mal weiter.