Hugendubel bookstore

But first coffee - and a good book.

Hugendubel bookstore

/ Client: Hugendubel
/ Location: Ingolstadt
/ Size: 500 sqm
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing, general contracting, lighting design
/ Photos: Jens Pfisterer

“When I feel bad, I don’t go to the pharmacy but to my bookseller,” says the French writer Philippe Djian. In the new Hugendubel branch in Ingolstadt’s Westpark, customers experience an authentic feel-good atmosphere that is more sustainable than any medicine. For what could be better than a cup of coffee and a good book?

Finally, time to browse and immerse yourself in new worlds. Undisturbed and with a huge selection of stories of all kinds. Exciting thrillers, captivating family legends and descriptive travel literature.

With a new concept, Hugendubel presents the whole world of books. Light wood, long shelves and spacious tables invite customers to browse. Colored markings and conspicuously contrasting highlight walls make it easier to find your way around the comprehensive range. The lounge area with coffee bar is coated in muted colors in velvety nuances, while the play area for children is dipped in bright orange.


Stöber doch mal weiter.