Pop-up Dawn Denim

Not a pop-up store for the garbage can.

Pop-up Dawn Denim

  • Client: Dawn Denim
  • Location: On tour
  • Size: flexible
  • Services: Strategy, concept, design, construction
  • Photos: Harald Fuhr

When you buy a pair of jeans from Dawn Denim, you know they’ll last. Dawn, a sustainable jeans manufacturer with great values: “The best jeans are the ones in your closet”. No wonder the pop-up store system is also designed to conserve resources. But that wasn’t the only challenge: clothing racks, merchandise tables, floor and wall shelves in a modern design and at the same time mobile, modular and easy to assemble. Something for “here today, there tomorrow”. Finally a challenge again – thought our planners, carpenters and material scouts.

This was followed by material comparisons and experiments… The result: a Co2-friendly plug-in system made from a lightweight board. Perhaps the lightest goods tables in the world – portable with just one hand. And perhaps also the most stable. Don’t tell me! Yes, that’s because of the honeycomb structure. So there’s a lot of air behind it (most sustainable material 😉). And yet the board is twice as stable as conventional materials. The furniture is coated with white laminate in keeping with the purist, clean Dawn identity. The open honeycomb edge ensures recognition value and stands for the transparency of Dawn. Just like in the production of its jeans.

Bamboo was used as the wood. One of the fastest growing raw materials in the world – and also incredibly robust and strong. Even if the store could be returned to the recycling cycle, it is not a pop-up store for the garbage can. Set up, dismantle and move on in a flash. That’s how pop-up works today.

Stöber doch mal weiter.