Macardo distillery & hotel

From a Cheesery to a noble Distillery.

Macardo distillery & hotel

/ Client: Macardo
/ Location: Amlikon-Bissegg, Schweiz
/ Size: 1280sqm with shop, distillery, event room, lounge and 10 rooms
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing, lighting design
/ Photos: BBK Agency, Daniel Schmid

“Come on, let’s buy a distillery.  You make the whiskey and I’ll make the hotel.”

This is how you could sum up the decision-making phase of the Macardo couple in a few words.  A location with a distilling license was quickly found: the old cheese dairy in the small village Strohwilen in Switzerland.  There was enough space to think big.  Accordingly, the actual distillery in the old building was joined by a whole ensemble of new buildings and contained, the event area, the bed & breakfast and the barrel store.

When it came to the interior design concept, we stayed very close to the actual Macardo product. We took a closer look at the oak barrels and the distillates and drew conclusions about the design.

Just as the wood inside the oak barrel refines the taste of a whiskey, it also gives the room its own note.  The different characters of natural and burnt oak represent the most important design element. The light and almost black woods run through all areas and are weighted more or less depending on the desired atmosphere.  The staggered glass panes in shades of yellow create a colored accent as room dividers.  They shape an optical depth effect that is intensified by shining sunlight and are reminiscent of the multi-layered distillate in the swivel of a glass.

The visible concrete and open pipes on the ceilings give the ensemble a handcrafted, rough look.  The rooms and apartments are designed in different color schemes, so that no two are alike.

Stöber doch mal weiter.