Wagner canteen

A meeting place for everyone

Wagner canteen

  • Client: Wagner Group
  • Location: Markdorf
  • Size: 350 sqm
  • Services: Strategy, interior design, lighting design, interior fittings, installation
  • Photographer: Jens Pfisterer

The “Josefs”. The Wagner canteen was named after the founder Josef Wagner. The company’s DNA is clearly noticeable here. From the color concept to the room layout. And the focus is always on people.

The Wagner canteen is by no means a traditional canteen. In the new heart of Wagner, people meet for lunch, customer appointments, meetings and presentations. There used to be several small tea kitchens in the building. Today, everyone “has” to pass everyone else – so people meet up more often. This strengthens the sense of community and promotes interdepartmental exchange.

The 350 square meter canteen has been divided into different areas so that there is a suitable place for everyone. In addition to large canteen tables for eating together, there is another area: a café lounge with large sofas. Along the windows are long bar tables for working – with a view of the company premises. The platform at the entrance provides a stage for events and presentations.

A pleasant noise level is particularly important in a canteen for over 200 employees.

The Heraklith panels on the ceilings and the wooden slats on the walls and the kitchenette not only look good, but also play an important role in the acoustics. An acoustician calculated the distance between the individual slats and the arrangement of the slatted walls to ensure an optimal room atmosphere.

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