Fashion house

Easy peasy with a focus on the essentials.

Fashion house

/ Client: Garhammer
/ Location: Waldkirchen
/ Size: 900 sqm
/ Services: Assembly, interior fitting, furnishing
/ Project Partners: Blocher Partners

“Fashion and people. These two terms embody our passion and are our constant drive,” confirms the fashion house Garhammer, which becomes obvious when you take a look at the freshly renovated young fashion department. For here they speak the language of youth. Joie de vivre and curiosity are reflected in the design, but also the openness to think outside the box. Someone listened very carefully and understood the young people. If you had to sum up the atmosphere of the 900 square meter space in three words, they would be: #urban #openminded #easypeasy.

The urban gray of the floor, ceiling and furniture paired with calm pine wood sets the tone. However again and again self-confident, bright colors flash through. Rich blue, orange and yellow define the different areas and at the same time convey an irresistible nonchalance. Huge photographs and illustrations provide a pinch of big city flair à la Berlin, Paris and London. Here and there, small groups of seats that say with a wink: “Hey, make yourself comfortable – sit down, relax and enjoy life” While the bare concrete pillars and the openly laid ventilation pipes and cable ducts set the right counterpoint and show with unobtrusive clarity what really matters. Reduce to the max.

Garhammer’s young fashion department is well dosed in everything and keeps a precise balance between the playful lightheartedness of the moment and the respectful vision of the big picture. An attitude that the young clientele lives like no other, and that can be found in the carefully chosen details. In particular, the accessory trays made from recycled PET bottles and the lattice boxes made from untreated stainless steel on the jeans shelf.

Stöber doch mal weiter.