Kopp winery & restaurant

A place to arrive and enjoy.

Kopp winery & restaurant

/ Client: Kopp Winery
/ Location: Sinzheim
/ Größe: 660 qm
/ Leistungen: Interior design, interior fitting, lightning design
/ Photos: Ben Decker

The view from the terrace sweeps over the Ebanater valley, the church tower and the impressive vineyards. Johannes and Alina Kopp have created something extraordinary with their winery, whose connection with nature is palpable.

The Kopp family has been running the winery since the 1990s. Under Johannes’ leadership, new vineyards were developed and thus new wine varieties were produced. A new building was erected next to the old homestead, embodying the desire for a vinotheque. Over time, a holistic concept developed, dedicated to wine and culinary delights with complete dedication.

Access to the cuboid building is via the barrel store, where the wine barrels are stored. Here, the winemaking craft is also vividly presented. The guest room, which houses the vinotheque and the Ebanat restaurant, impresses with an area of 340 sqm and a fantastic view of the vines.

Much emphasis was placed on authenticity in the design of the interiors. Wood, stone, concrete, metal and textiles were stylishly arranged. The vinotheque is characterised by geometric shapes and floor-to-ceiling shelves, while in the restaurant area round seating niches soften the linear design. The lighting mood is perfectly orchestrated, with only the vertical surfaces in the sales area being illuminated. In the vinotheque, a large wooden table with nuanced glass lamps reminiscent of wine bottles illuminates the room.

In the restaurant, numerous cylindrical lamps hang from the ceiling and create a unique carpet of light with differentiated shimmering. The terrace is bathed in a spherical and intimate atmosphere by dimmed ceiling lighting that directs the gaze to the stars.

The deliberately chosen materials, the arrangement of the furniture and the special lighting design lend the spacious overall area its cosiness. Although a total of 128 seats are available in the restaurant, the vinotheque and on the terrace, the focus is first drawn to the breathtaking panorama.

Stöber doch mal weiter.