Container Genusswerkstatt

Another trip to the Container Café?

Container Genusswerkstatt

  • Client: Kopf Group
  • Location: Rheinhausen
  • Size: 5 sea containers
  • Services: General contracting, strategy, interior fitting, assembly
  • Photos: Christoph Duepper

Rheinhausen is not just the suburb of Rust. Rheinhausen rocks. We realised that straight away during our visit. Because here, everyone helps everyone. And above all, the residents of Rheinhausen help the elderly, children and people with special needs. The community has many social projects. One of them is the Genusswerkstatt – affectionately known by many as the Container Café.

In addition to the famous coffee from their own roastery, guests will find a delicatessen shop with regional delicacies here (in the container next door) and on top – on the deck – a farmer who presses the finest oils from local pulses. The roastery, the coffee, the store and the oil press are run jointly by schoolchildren and people with disabilities.

As the coffee also spends a long journey in a shipping container before it is roasted and served here in Rheinhausen, the mayor realised that we would take up the story and build the coffee out of shipping containers. And as is so often the case, there was someone in the group who said: “I know a company that specialises in container construction.” Our Andi’s phone rang and the project took off… Our customised construction team modified five 40-foot shipping containers: partitions out, insulation, windows and doors in, rooftop terrace on top. The rest is history…

Stöber doch mal weiter.