smartstore "tegut...teo"

A supermarket goes on a journey.

smartstore "tegut...teo"

/ Client: tegut… Gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG
/ Location: Fulda
/ Size: 130 sqm, 57m² (4.2×13.6m)
/ Services: Advice, design, execution, transport

So far there are seven tegut… teo’s in Fulda, tegut…’s home town. Some of the shopping stations that can be set up flexibly in (urban) space, where real digital shopping can be done around the clock via an app, come from KNOBLAUCH.

A real labor of love for our team. Whereas with every new teo that we are allowed to participate in, our ambition is aroused: How quickly can we manage to deliver a supermarket in one piece using incredibly heavy transport? It’s always spectacular, even for ourselves.

The provision as a whole describes the main feature of our teos – the unique construction. This is the result of a cooperation between two absolute specialists: Holzbau Kiefer and KNOBLAUCH. Together they succeed in implementing the plans of tegut… and the design agency design for human nature in such a way that the complete compact supermarket can be completely assembled and securely packed and loaded directly for transport.

At the destination, pick it up again by crane, anchor it, connect electrical devices and it’s ready for the first customers. From construction to handover, it takes just 4 days. The ambitious goal is to break the 24-hour mark at some point. Our experts are working hard on this. Of course, the KNOBLAUCH-teo offers even more advantages than the time factor: Wood and wooden materials from the region (maximum distance of 100 km) form a 140 mm thick, insulated framework, in combination with a 40 mm wooden panel on the outside. This results in good insulation for the energy-saving operation of the refrigerator and protects against heat from solar radiation.

Stöber doch mal weiter.