Sport Förg

Inspired by nature and movement.

Sport Förg

  • Customer: Sport Förg
  • Location: Friedberg
  • Size: 5,000 square metres
  • Services: Strategy, interior design, interior fitting, general contracting
  • Photos: Jens Pfisterer

Have you ever watched a dancer very closely? Or a mountain climber? Or have you looked at the relief of the Alps in detail? Again and again, the movements and silhouettes can be reduced to geometric, polygonal shapes. The supposedly simple representation harbours an immense dynamic and shows the greatest flexibility in its small-scale nature. This principle of visual movement is the basis of Sport Förg’s store design.

Even from a distance, the glass extension to the huge industrial hall shines out at you. It rises like a crystal between the large brick buildings. The huge Sport Förg logo is confidently emblazoned on it and the two-storey, black-slatted fitness studio, which is controlled with its own music and lighting mood depending on the sports session, sets the scene for the glass building.

The sporting spirit is palpable through and through at Förg: “Do you have the will? We have what it takes” is written large and clearly visible on the wall from the outside.

The huge wooden staircase is by no means a simple connection between the two floors – it realises the game of movement in its own way: If you like, you can whizz down the slide into the children’s department. With a width of up to eleven metres, the staircase also invites you to linger and sit down. It is used as an event area and offers plenty of scope for highlight decorations.

The presentation of goods also remains flexible at Förg. Although the figures attached to the wall like oversized 3D puzzles made of polygonal maritime pine pieces define the individual departments, as they cannot be clearly assigned to a particular sport, the goods can be placed anywhere in the store depending on the season. The simple basic design forms a uniform basis for all areas.

The typical characters of the industrial hall were consciously incorporated into the design concept, resulting in a store design that corresponds exactly to how Förg sees itself: We are sporty and tradition-conscious, we like it fashionable and cosy – but not kitschy. Incidentally, it’s not just the store design that is sporty – our site manager also put in a clean performance: 910 km on foot on the construction site in 14 weeks.

Stöber doch mal weiter.