Marco O'Polo store concepts

The scandinavian studio.

Marco O'Polo store concepts

  • Client: Marc O’Polo
  • Location: Europe-wide & beyond
  • Size: 212 sqm
  • Services: Interior design, general contracting, interior fitting, lighting planning
  • Photos: Marc O’Polo, Christopher Philadelphia


The smell of warm cinnamon rolls. A calm, casual and equally high-quality feel-good atmosphere.

Natural materials, reduced forms and the conscious focus on the essentials. A scenario that reflects the Swedish lifestyle and is the basis of the modern casual brand’s new store concept.

It is the fine and well thought-out details that create a unique backdrop.
The individual styles are clearly sorted, iconic light panels convey self-confident fashion statements while straight racks enable maximum flexibility in the presentation of goods.


The collections for women and men are separated only by a long central table. The routes are short and direct. Instead of the classic cash register, at Marc O’Polo you pay at the coffee bar in a familiar, friendly surrounding and

…not without a tasty espresso, a soft drink and some Swedish pastries. The new store concept was finalized by us based on the draft by Fitch and the SIS concept was derived from it, both taking into account regional and sustainable production.

Stöber doch mal weiter.