Click & Fold! Pop-Up

Build your store.

Click & Fold! Pop-Up

That’s Click & Fold:

  • simple plug-in and folding system
  • modular arrangement
  • sustainable materials
  • customised branding

Just testing a new location? Promote a new collection? Open a shop or retail space? It’s quick and easy with our new sustainable pop-up concepts Click & Fold.

“Fashion brands keep asking us about ways to organise a space as flexibly as possible,” explains Alexander Gehle from the Retail Innovation and Sales department. The answer: our pop-up concepts, which can be dismantled and assembled with virtually no tools and even fit into a VW van! No.1, which we are launching on the market, is the Pop-Up Click – a super-light plug-in system! Click is complemented by No.2 – Fold – our pop-up for folding!

Gucci, Chanel, Valentino – pop-up stores have long since arrived in the world of luxury brands. But temporary shops also continue to offer young labels and designers the opportunity to bring their collections to customers. “In the last year or two, we’ve had repeated requests for flexible shop concepts from young labels such as the sustainable jeans manufacturer Dawn Denim, but also from established brands like Mustang,” reports Alex.

Online retailers who want to test out bricks-and-mortar retail are also constantly asking for ideas that won’t take years to realise. “The retail sector today is very fast-moving and agile, so retailers and brands also need a different level of flexibility when it comes to furnishing,” says Alex.

No.1 Our Pop-Up Click!

Our team spent months working on various solutions. The result is a 3-in-1 plug-in system: for flat and hanging goods and with elements for digital product presentation. “The Pop-Up Click is delivered flat and is simply plugged into each other,” says Alex. The best thing is that Click doesn’t need a single screw and is made from Lisocore’s lightweight honeycomb material, which is made from natural fibres and is recyclable. Big shop or small exhibition stand? It doesn’t matter with this pop-up, because it allows a flexible space size. If you want to furnish a large shop with it, simply take several elements.


No.2 Our pop-up Fold!

Click is perfectly complemented by the second pop-up from the garlic collection – Fold. Fold works a little differently. It consists of a single element that is unfolded. Table, hanging system, screen – in just a few simple steps, a mobile space is created that can be used flexibly. At trade fairs, for example. But it is also conceivable as a workspace in offices, hotels or as a mini showroom for service companies. Also made of lightweight Lisocore material – and therefore easy to transport and recycle.

Easier to assemble than an Ikea shelf

For Alex and his project team, consisting of designers, material scouts, constructors and carpenters, one thing quickly became clear: the pop-ups had to be as easy to transport as possible and simple to dismantle and assemble. Two people, preferably without tools. Easier than an Ikea shelf. They should also be made from sustainable materials – and therefore be as recyclable as possible.

Customised to the brand

Click and Fold can therefore be used to create a small store within a short space of time. To ensure that the brand identity is presented perfectly, Knoblauch offers customisation of both concepts – in the form of an individual colour selection and logo engraving. In other words: in the end, the brand and pop-up fit together perfectly.

“When we look at how much vacant space there is in cities, these flexible modules also offer an opportunity to make city centres more attractive again.”

– Alexander Gehle

Stöber doch mal weiter.