Hatay grill

A family business where Grandpa grows chilies.

Hatay grill

/ Client: Hatay
/ Location: Schopfheim bei Basel
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing, lighting design
/ Photos: Ben Decker

Does the environment we grow up in really affect us? Oh yes, even greatly. This is proven by the history of this host family. Raised in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, they have fulfilled a long-cherished dream in the Black Forest: their own grill restaurant, called Hatay.

The home region of the family stands for cosmopolitanism and liberality like no other in Turkey. Members of different religions and with different cultural origins live together there. The family took this attitude with them to their new home in the Black Forest and founded a small kebab shop many years ago, just four by four meters. There’s more to come, they were sure all along. Eventually, courageously they made the decision: We’ll do a grill restaurant!

For this they have planned a spacious new building on the spot, where they now welcome guests on two floors. On the ground floor there is still the legendary doner kebab as a take-away offer. On the first floor you eat à la carte and the doner kebab is accompanied by grilled specialities, vegetables and fish. Multiculturalism on the plate. The family works here with heart and soul. The kebab skewers are made by them using regional meat and prepared in an authentic wood-fired grill. The whole family lends a hand, even Grandpa is involved: he grows the chillies.

The furnishing concept thrives on the open-mindedness and cordiality of the operators. Together with them, an extraordinary interior was created, which is supported by the central red cube. Given the architecture of the building, we interpreted it as the core of the grill restaurant and more broadly, as the embers in the fire. The walls are covered with red, handcrafted tiles that shimmer in the light with their gentle unevenness and special glaze and are reminiscent of the flickering of the flames. The ground around the core is also colored red. From there, the color runs through a warm pink to a modern gray and is balanced by real wood. The wood gives warmth, evocative of fire and is also a homage to the Black Forest region.

Stöber doch mal weiter.