Arthelps creative hub

Creativity needs space.

Arthelps creative hub

/ Client: Arthelps
/ Location: Stuttgart
/ Size: 192 qm
/ Services: Strategy, Interior design, Interior fitting, furnishing
/ Photos: ARTHELPS

We have our hearts set on this project: in the middle of Stuttgart, our three trainees created a Creative Hub together with ARTHELPS. A space for arriving. In workshops, children from crisis areas design the world they like. Dreams come to life and what weighs on heavy hearts is forgotten for a moment. Art is a language that everyone understands. Because art communicates and connects through emotions – a smile is a smile. Everywhere in the world.

All over the world. The journey from “you do it now” to the last brushstroke was THE CHALLENGE for our trainees. We threw them into ice-cold water for the project. From planning to realisation, our up-and-coming tinkerers from the fields of carpentry; product design and office management had a free hand.

They drew designs, constructed furniture and rocked the purchasing department and the entire project management. UFF. And in the end, of course, they helped build everything in Stuttgart. The project goal, sustainable material procurement, was an additional challenge. Thanks to the generous support of friendly companies, they were able to realise the project almost exclusively through material donations. THANK YOU!

We think the result is impressive and are mighty proud of our KNOBI-YOUNGSTARS. By cleverly dividing the space with a curtain and container, they have created a room within a room and still maintained flexibility. This way, two different workshops can take place at the same time without disturbance. In the container there is a computer room where, for example, designs can be visualised. A cosy lounge for the parents has also been thought of. So how did the large shipping container get into the room? In one piece – impossible. Our girls’ alternative idea was to flex the colossus apart and reassemble it inside. WOW. In the end, they simply rebuilt it out of trapezoidal sheet metal – and nobody noticed. Clever! Today, the Creative Hub is alive with a variety of workshops. And of course through the children. They find friends, peace, healing and support here. A foothold in a still foreign place in the world – A HOME.

Stöber doch mal weiter.