SV Group



LOCATION: Dübendorf, Switzerland
SIZE: 200 qm
PHOTOS: Ben Decker
SERVICES: design, interior fittings, furnishing, lighting planning

„Every day we value our guests with culinary experiences and genuine hospitality to surprise ”, says the SV Group, a company that is active in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

It operates staff restaurants for other companies. So, why not also for their own people?

The space was there, especially since the almost 130 square meters large lobby was hardly used.
Thereafter, the uninviting entrance area turned into a colorful meeting place for employees.
The seven-person kitchen team pampers their colleagues with hot meals, bowls and fresh snacks. Coffee, tea and cold drinks are always available to the team.

It is not only good to eat there and spend the breaks, but also to work. There, the central output station protrudes into a space-forming cube over five meters high inside the hall and offers on the second level a good 75 square meters.

It is a technically fully equipped co-working area with large work tables, seating groups and niches.
It is the bright colors that make “Memphis” – named after the home address of the SV Group in Memphispark, Dübendorf – so special:
Rich yellow and friendly green is particularly eye-catching. Combining dark tones, matt grey and natural wood, to create a special atmosphere that rightly deserves the title “Brave Contrasts” and visibly showcases the quality standards of the catering company: freshness, regionality and healthy enjoyment.