DEG office

“The love for wood should be felt in all offices”

DEG office

  • Client: DEG Everything for the roof eG
  • Location: Koblenz
  • Services: Strategy, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Interior Fitting, Assembly
  • Photographer: Picture Colada/DEG


When DEG Alles für das Dach eG approached us with the desire to give its new four-storey office building at its headquarters in Koblenz an identity-creating space design, we were immediately on fire. Because: Both DEG as a purchasing cooperative of roofers and us as a former village carpentry shop share a great love for wood. And that was exactly what should be highlighted in this exciting office project.

Untreated spruce meets natural colours

“The love for wood, for authenticity, should be felt in everyroom at DEG. So we have chosen a design language that reflects exactly that. For this purpose, we have primarily used real materials, i. e. untreated spruce wood in combination with black, subtle green, rust red colours from nature,” explains interior designer Antje Uebele, who planned the project.

Identity through building materials from the roofing trade

The idea was to incorporate building materials used in the roofing and carpentry trades and marketed by DEG. Here a wall in beaver tail cover as a design element, there gutters as room divider, here a bit of corrugated sheet metal, there a few bricks. Inviting meeting points and meeting areas have been created for the employees on each floor.

“What was exciting was that each floor was given its own materiality and colour and thus also its own touch. In the end, everyone can choose their favourite corner in these great rooms!” Antje enthuses.

Exciting floor plan with conical rooms

“The exciting floor plan of the building, which has many conical rooms, was a great challenge for us. Every angle was different, there are hardly any right angles. This also means that the wall cladding 420 square metres of untreated spruce had to be specially adapted for each room,” explains Martin Scherzinger, ProjectManager at the Manufactory, who managed the interior design of the Manufactory.


One kilometer of spruce beams installed

About one kilometer of spruce beams were installed for the slat partitions and ceiling slats through out the building. The installation of the large reception light cost abit of sweat, a real eye-catcher! “Overall, this was a really great project for Konrad Knoblauch GmbH, because it was here that two partners with a great love for wood as a building material met. Gladly again!” says Martin.

Stöber doch mal weiter.