W3 digital agency

How digital design becomes an office concept.

W3 digital agency

/ Client: W3 digital brands
/ Location: Konstanz
/ Size: 250 sqm
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing, general contracting, lighting design
/ Photos: Philipp Uricher

Our office should be cool, a bit “handcrafted”. Not artificial, but stylish. It should combine culture and work. We need space for communication, moments of calm and concentration. And a beer tap is needed!

This is how the briefing of the agency W3 digital brands from Constance on Lake Constance could be summed up in a few words. What we made of it corresponds exactly to that. Based on the corporate design of W3 and its digital playground, the room concept is based on clear lines, restrained colors and tactile textures.

In the agency rooms there are old wood planks on the walls, next to a plain black coffee kitchen. Knotty oak and gray felt upholstery decorate the seating niches – you like to go there when you want some peace and quiet.

In contrast, the central counter, again made of old wood, invites you to socialize with freshly tapped after-work beer. A blue grid, which runs over the ceiling and wall in the seating area and is used as a memogrid, associates the digital design grid, while the acoustically effective round felt pads on the walls take up the W3 company logo.

“We do everything. As long as it is digital and brings you forward”, promises W3 on its own website. Cool. We do everything. As long as it is spatial and brings you forward, that’s our answer to it.

Stöber doch mal weiter.