CLIENT: Hellmut Ruck GmbH
CITY: Neuenbürg
SIZE: 500 sqm
PHOTOS: Hellmut Ruck GmbH
OUR SERVICES: design, interior fittings

Thinking of opening or modernizing your own footcare studio? Then RUCK is your first stop. The family-owned company is the leading specialist wholesaler for podiatry, cosmetics and wellness, offering a comprehensive range with over 6.500 products. The new RUCK world of experience is a special place. One that is focused around RUCK customers and their needs. More than pure exhibition: it is about concepts and quality you can touch and feel. Here guests immerse themselves in the world of RUCK.

To visually encompass the diversity of the RUCK collection, a tall oak band runs along the outer walls. It encloses the large room, offers ample storage space and helps to unobtrusively zonate the area. To the right of the entrance, a built in coffee bar welcomes you. Next, a library decorates the wall. Here you will find specialist books and magazines that you can enjoy with your coffee in the enclosed reading lounge. A built in toy cave is there for the kids.

The cosmetics and wellness area is the next station awaiting you. The product presentation appears like a small nail salon with work desks. In the central area an ellipse of oak slats envelopes the space. Here their own brand Peclavus is highlighted. A unique realm of scents invite guests to create their own fragrances. With warm wood, gentle shapes and a lush, glacial green Corian countertop, a natural and pleasant surrounding engulfs you.

Just as impressive is the following wall section, which is dedicated to podological instruments. The eyes remain on the wall art, sculpted from old tools. A wall display and a large showcase and workbench explain the range in detail. The black magnifying lamps, which are part of the exhibition, are utilized here like living room lighting.

The next stop is designated to hygiene. White replaces the black fixtures as the predominant colour. A white cuboid occupies the center area and houses all products related to disinfection and sterilization. The light is cold, the atmosphere radiates absolute purity. The outer walls are used for the presentation of gloves and pressure plasters.

Returning to the wall, guests are guided to the mobile systems. All products shown here are required for a mobile foot care studio or for home visits. A mock living room invites you to test the products in a practical way.

Moving on, the upcoming wall is dominated by large-format shelves, each presenting a single work chair. This is complemented by two presentation islands for furniture, mobile containers and treatment chairs.

The spacious center of the showroom is home to three exhibition boxes. Ready-to-use room concepts are built in here: from the space-saving all-in-one solution for your first own practice to the spectacular spa landscape.

Completing the wall, the final section is used for advice and planning. Material and colour collages are customized here. You are guided step by step to your own studio.

The RUCK world of experience is much more than a showroom. At numerous stations, you can test, try out and compare the products. The extensive knowledge of the company is showcased and conveyed in a practical setting. It’s like walking through the RUCK product catalog – a real encyclopedia! The RUCK world experience is a logical journey reflecting their expertise at the company location.