Ruck Erlebniswelt

Quality you can touch.

Ruck Erlebniswelt

  • Client: Hellmut Ruck GmbH
  • Location: Neuenbürg
  • Size: 500 square metres
  • Services: Interior design, interior fitting
  • Photos: Hellmut Ruck GmbH

If you want to open or modernise your own pedicure studio, you can’t go past Ruck. The family-run company is the leading specialist wholesaler for podiatry, cosmetics and wellness and offers a comprehensive range of over 6,500 products. The new Ruck World of Experience is a very special place. A place where everything revolves around customers and their needs. It’s not just about the exhibition, it’s about concepts. Quality you can touch. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in Ruck’s world of themes and products.

To give the diversity of the collection a visual bracket, a band of oak runs along the outer walls. It encloses the large room, offers plenty of storage space and helps to unobtrusively zone the room. As a special gimmick for the children, a small, built-in cave full of toys is hidden here.

The real eye-catcher is an ellipse made of oak slats in the centre room, in which the Peclavus own brand is presented. It is a small realm of fragrances that invites guests to try out their own scent creations. The warm wood, the gentle shape and the striking work table with the lush, glacier-green Corian top create a very natural and pleasant feeling.

But the area with podological instruments also amazes visitors. Their eyes linger on a large, almost wall-sized work of art made from old tools. There are also displays and a large show and workbench that explain the range in detail. The black magnifying lamps, which are part of the exhibition, look almost like living room lighting.

The hygiene area stands out with its bright colours. A white cube in front of it delimits this area towards the centre and houses all the products for disinfection and sterilisation. The light is cold, the atmosphere radiates absolute purity.

Stöber doch mal weiter.