Orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology

100 pieces of furniture in 1,500 hours

Orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology

  • Client: ORD Dresden
  • Location: Dresden
  • Size: 280 sqm treatment rooms / 530 sqm salesroom
  • Services: Strategy, interior design, lighting design, interior fitting, assembly
  • Photos: Jens Pfisterer

From podiatry to breast and leg prostheses. Orthopädie- und Rehatechnik Dresden (ORD) helps people to improve their quality of life. ORD produces all insoles and prostheses itself. This is where top athletes meet senior citizens with walking aids. And yet they all want one thing: a mobile and self-determined life.

There are 12 treatment rooms in the old building of the former cigar factory, adjacent to a sales area in the new building. The concept focuses on older people and people with special needs. Carpets, protruding chair legs and other tripping hazards are taboo here. Instead, stair lifts and climbing aids were on the agenda.

The design challenge was not only the medical requirements of the furniture, but also the atmosphere. Because people with a medical condition come to ORD. A target group that is particularly sensitive. The treatment rooms create a positive, warm atmosphere. They are rooms that provide security and support, hope and courage. And at the same time harmonize with the shapes and color accents of the corporate identity.

The in-house manufactory ran at full speed for this project. Over 100 pieces of furniture were produced in over 1,500 hours. And the furniture development was quite something: non-slip treatment chairs with light in the handrails, hidden scanners and lots of technology in the details.

Stöber doch mal weiter.