Musthave boutique

Who wants to resist?

Musthave boutique

/ Client: musthave
/ Location: Balingen
/ Size: 106 qm
/ Services: Interior design, interior fitting, furnishing
/ Photos: Jens Pfisterer

Shoes and lingerie. At first glance, an unequal pair. With a deliberate staging, we succeeded in packing exactly this contrast into a coherent concept at “musthave”. The women’s shoes are generously presented in the shop window and along the walls. While the lingerie – diffusely hidden behind a semi-transparent curtain – forms the centre of the room. The lightness and friendly atmosphere are pleasantly striking.

Everything looks natural, every detail is deliberately chosen and the goods placed accordingly. A touch of luxury and exclusivity, well grounded by the organic shapes and the simple materials. Light oak, light velvet, light stone, warm grey steel and softly tinted glass all refer to nature and play with a harmonious dualism. The colours – changing from cream beige to white – radiate an irresistible noblesse. The interior is accentuated by the skilful inclusion of the structural features.

The two steps that roughly mark the central axis of the room serve as the line where the somewhat darker colours from the entrée merge into lighter tones. The ellipse, inside which is the laundry area, visually connects the two levels separated by the steps. It also succeeds in integrating the static column as a design element. In the upper area, the shelves are designed as illuminated niches in the walls. These walls were placed in front of the old existing walls, resulting in a large close-up storage area whose access from the sales floor remains hidden behind airy curtains.

Even the radiators were taken into account in the planning and are now covered by upholstered benches. Thanks to the consistently clear arrangement of the product presentation, there was even a place for the coffee table and a small assortment of men’s shoes. The boutique appears unagitated, calm and timelessly chic. There couldn’t be a more beautiful environment for shoes and lingerie. No wonder that a visit to “musthave” is indispensable when strolling through the city.

Stöber doch mal weiter.