Into the deep - Mines of the future
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But companies want more. The plans range from deep sea mining in the deep sea to deep space mining in outer space – once our world has been plundered.

Into the deep – mines of the future. An exhibition at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen has taken an interdisciplinary approach to the topic. A sustainability initiative is linked to the stirring exhibition. Accordingly, the exhibition architecture is also sustainable in order to sensitize visitors to the value of our resources.

A sustainable concept needs a radical approach. And how does “radical architecture” work? By doing without. Buying nothing, producing nothing new. That’s why we borrowed things, such as transport crates, construction fences and pallets. We also played with the materials already available in the museum. Mirror foils and sheet metal shelves became wall coverings. Existing walls were used to create a tunnel that leads visitors into the darkness. Niches were created for the large objects as a metaphor for the inclusions in mining.

But it wasn’t just about not buying anything new. It was also about building the architecture in such a way that the material could be cleanly separated and returned to the cycle. We often ran into dead ends. But the result looks great and not at all like an eco-exhibition. Into the deep: proof that sustainable exhibition architecture is also “designable”.

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