Motel One hotel chain

You can rely on it.

Motel One hotel chain

  • Client: Motel One
  • Locations: International locations
  • Services: Interior fitting, furnishing, assembly, general contracting
  • Photos: Motel One

Come to rest, pause, switch off. In the middle of a vibrant metropolis. You can rely on that at Motel One! And also on: The room, which offers just the right amount of comfort. The breakfast that leaves nothing to be desired. The lobby, which is always an eye-catcher.

We support our client Motel One with design rollouts. Worldwide. So far, we have had a hand in the Motel Ones in Freiburg, Berlin, Barcelona, Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Salzburg, Dresden, Hamburg and Dublin.

With a lively interior design set-up, every Motel One becomes an experience zone. And no two are the same. As always, Motel One attaches great importance to a regional reference when designing the lobby. Each lobby is a tribute to the city itself.

This is also the case with the redesigned Motel One at Berlin Central Station. Design highlights such as the old station clocks and the seating niches stylized as train compartments play with the hotel’s location and welcome guests from all over the world. Another eye-catcher are the replica train tracks made of mirror-polished sheet metal that hover above the room and point the way from the entrance to reception.

Or in Dresden: “Long live the small difference!”. What the Dresden writer Erich Kästner formulated so aptly a long time ago can be experienced directly at the Motel One on Palaisplatz. The hotel is thematically dedicated to the city-born writer, whose portrait greets guests at reception. At the bar, his wisdom is presented in a creative way. Shelves full of books and comfortable armchairs invite you to immerse yourself in Kästner’s world over a good drink. If only Erich Kästner knew…

In the Catalan capital of Barcelona, we have brought all the greenery of the city indoors.

The typical Spanish architecture, regionally crafted designer furniture and the natural influences of the surrounding flora and fauna are striking. The atmosphere of the nearby Cituadella Park is echoed throughout the hotel. This creates a green oasis of contemplation in the middle of the lively urban jungle.

The lobby is the heart of every hotel. A place full of possibilities: a meeting place, the source of inspiring conversations, a retreat for dreamers. A visit to Motel One is a detour into a parallel world – relax in the comfortable armchairs, a book in your hand and the world stays outside.

Stöber doch mal weiter.