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And we want as many of these rooms as possible

We burn for tangible design and genuine materials.

We are on the ball, courageous, sometimes cheeky but always honest.


We want the best. For everyone.

Identity, handcrafted.



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The best businesses are the ones created with passion. That’s nothing new, but it’s true. We only do things with passion…. It’s what motivates us. We design, plan, fiddle, screw, swear and saw, and we do all that with passion. True to our motto: Identity, handcrafted.

Passion was also in abundunce back in December. Not quite six weeks before the Euroshop, the biggest and most important trade fair in our industry. Six months prior we had started to plan our own trade fair presentation and got more and more entangled with the complicated planning of it. A computer-generated shelf that turns around its own axis – that was the idea, though it seemed impossible to build. Until one day things didn’t feel right any more. Veto. That’s not us. That’s not authentic.


Without further ado we crumpled up all the plans, sketches and calculations and developed a new idea: an old hut, weather-beaten and deformed by the wind. Straightaway we had a plan for the weekend: out into the fields and woods, in search of the right cabin. We found what we were looking for in the back country of Lake Constance, not that far from where we live. Two days later we started to dismantle the hut – first the few remaining roof tiles, then the beams and then, one by one, the individual boards.

That was our fair stand: the hut itself and all around it a simple setting covered with a black mesh. It couldn’t be any easier and it couldn’t be more authentic. Wow, the bar is set very high! What to do at the next show?


We decided to go for an old public bus converted into coffee bar and to be placed outside the exhibition area. And again, we had to design, plan, fiddle, screw, swear and saw, and we do all that with passion. Wooden fittings, wood burner and a coffee machine. Check. 100% genuine, 100% Knoblauch


Those are the projects that are the most fun for us. That is where we thrive. The projects that allow you to follow with your gut instinct. When you believe in what you do, when you’re backed by experience and expertise, when the result is genuine and the customer – a brand, a fashion or sports retailer, a catering outlet, a company or a private builder-owner – can identify with the architecture and the furnishings. Identity, handcrafted.


What would Fidel Knoblauch have thought if he had witnessed this?
When nobody was looking, his grandson Konni used his pocket knife to remove a piece of Swietenia Mahagoni veneer from an item of furniture in a Ralph Lauren store, in the middle of New York City. We think he would have been proud of him because this little piece of wood is a cornerstone of our history.

Our company was founded in 1909 by Fidel Knoblauch as a carpentry workshop. Back then we made doors, windows, stairs and cabinets. In the third generation, Konni took over the business from his father Hubert in 1976. At that time, the company had two employees and that’s when things started to get exciting.


Konni wanted more than just doors, windows, stairs and cabinets. In the 1980s, together with a local architect, he developed his first shopfitting system. Consequently at the beginning of the nineties, he received a large order from Engelhorn and Sturm in Mannheim. One of the jobs was to fit a shop space for Ralph Lauren.

In 2000, Konni made two good decisions. He made Jürgen Zahn a manager and bought two airline tickets to New York. Considering that’s where we received the shopfitting description from Ralph Lauren, together with an invitation to view their prototype. On 11 December 2000 Konni and Jürgen stood in front of the prototype pieces of furniture, wondered which wood was used and took with them the piece of veneer mentioned earlier. This foolhardy idea was rewarded: We built a test area in Munich and our bid was accepted. Ralph Lauren is one of our biggest customers to this day.

Since the death of Konni in December 2005, Jürgen has been our top man. Konni did not just leave him the piece of American mahagony veneer, but also vision, courage and a good dose of passion. Within only a few years Jürgen had turned the former carpentry workshop into an international company with some 220 employees. He never lost his attention to detail or his high standards of design and craftsmanship. And Konni, Hubert and Fidel would definitely have been proud of that.

For celebrating 111 years Knoblauch we have planted a hundred and eleven trees in our colleague andi‘s woods.