The pyramid is usually a design with a square footprint and known from different cultures, such as for example, Egypt or Latin America. In fact, they also crop up here with us too in the countryside. Admittedly not quite as large as the originals of the Pharaohs and the Aztecs, they are no less impressive.

The 35 x 35 cm-great pyramids of Houssini have been covered in a completely new material. For the first time ever, high-quality optic technology is combined with efficient processing and functional material in one product. Without much effort, exceptional, yet easy and inexpensive, visual surface effects can be conjured up.

Based on a textile undercoat, the self-adhesive material can mould itself to both curved and spherical surfaces. The material is very strong, largely scratch-proof and easy to clean. For more details visit www.houssini.com.

The pyramids are used by Houssini for presenting innovative surface materials in the showroom and at customer viewings.

We have built 180 pyramids in our speciality workshop – a great and rarely seen work of handicraft. We want more!