In the middle of 2015 we implemented a new corporate design with a new logo, a new internet page, new stationary, business cards… the new business stationary was to be more economical. A single color logo in Pantone 805 that catches your eye right away, can be easily printed and help reduce print and production costs. But what to do with the left over’s from our old stationary? Throwing it out isn’t very economical or responsible. Then someone had the idea to recycle it, and with it the idea to hand make the stars that adorn our Christmas post this year.


Our apprentices gave there all, shredding the old stationary, softening it up with water and glue, and then mixing, mixing, mixing. The wet mass was then pressed and formed into star shaped cookie cutters and brought into our finishing dept. to dry.


A few days later the stars were dry and ready to be finished. A hole was drilled in the top and a fine black cord fed through, but something was missing…

We asked our colleagues what a star is called in their native languages, and with all these different names we printed 18 different translations onto the stars. Our Christmas post this year is more than just a card. It’s a symbol of Responsibility, Solidarity, and Hope.

PS: were far from being fished with recycling, I wonder what well come up with next year. How about some homemade binders? Or some furniture made from paper…?