Schon mal eine Weltreise gemacht? Zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad? Oder übers Wasser? Wie unser Meeresbummler. Er hat die Ozeane bereist und die größten Häfen der Welt gesehen. Jetzt ist er sesshaft geworden und lässt Hotelgäste den Duft der weiten Welt schnuppern. #cozycontainerliving

We converted the disused overseas shipping container into a hotel room. It has room for everything: wardrobe, shower, queen-size bed, desk and reading area. And there is still plenty of room to move around. It even has a balcony and a covered entrance area. You couldn’t fit more comfort into such a small space.

And what’s more, the sea traveller is really flexible and always ready for a change of location. Well, people always like to travel. Out of necessity, the sea traveller has swapped the steamer for a saddle trailer – but never mind. The principle is the same: Lift it with a crane, ship (or rather cart) it from A to B – and use a crane to put it down again. That’s it.

No more yearning for far-away places! If you have ever wanted the big wide world on your company car park or the roof of the shopping centre, the sea traveller is the perfect solution. The #cozycontainerliving principle works everywhere. You will never have to book hotel rooms for visitors ever again, because you have your own hotel in the car park. No more excuses of not enough space for a large extension – the containers can be stacked. Lack of space in the cities is a thing of the past, because there is plenty of space reaching into the sky. And it doesn’t have to be for ever. Here today, there tomorrow.


A container is great as a hotel room or:

  • A boarding house for company guests and new or temporary employees
  • Entrance area extension, such as for companies and hotels
  • Shop or library extension for various institutions
  • Event and roadshow container
  • Seasonal holiday home extensions in holiday parks
  • Mini house such as for student halls of residence
  • Temporary living space extension
  • Quick office extension
  • Flexible accommodation for offices and sanitary facilities at building sites
  • Sound- and temperature-insulated quiet room for production plants
  • Boathouse on a self-sufficient floating platform
  • Luxury garden shed


Well, have we made your mouth water? Then let’s get down to business. This is how our sea traveller sample container works:


Water and waste water
The fresh water is connected to the public water network. This should always be done for reasons of hygiene, to make sure it’s all germ-free and you’re protected against legionella. If the container is used as a permanent residence, the wastewater should also be connected to the local sewage system. When it’s used temporarily – like our sea traveller sample container – temporary waste water storage in a special waste water tank is a possibility. But please be careful: All pipes must be frost-proof!


Heating and air-conditioning
Heating and cooling is provided by a fan coil air heater in a suspended ceiling with an outdoor unit. The heating is powered by electricity. The ventilation is independent of this and designed as a separate component. There is constant fresh air supply, but without heat exchanger. Hot water is provided by a flow heater or boiler. Electric heating mats are installed as underfloor heating. The heating can be controlled via a Smart Home system.

All lighting is LED, with KNX controls and fully dimmable. Various lighting atmospheres can be programmed using the Smart Home controls to suit the different times of day and night.

Recyclable PUR insulation is used for the interior walls. It complies with the German energy-saving ordinance (EnEV).

It must be demonstrated that the container is stable when in position. Every container has a specific type statics, which however no longer applies once it has been fitted out and therefore has to be created again and verified.

Floor area
The 40-foot container has an interior space of 20 m² plus a balcony and a covered entrance area of 5 m².

In its original condition, the container weighs 4,000 kg. Once it’s been fitted out, our sea traveller weighs in at a whopping 7,500 kg. A final weight of 8,500 to 9,500 kg including snow and rain load is assumed for the calculation of the statics, for use on roofs or on point foundations.

The container can be fitted with a fridge; there is space for one in the furniture at the head end of the bed.


The Bluetooth boxes of the sound system are controlled using the guests’ own mobile device; a complete system is not installed.