We have been friends with Arthelps for many years; they are an initiative of creative professionals and artists that helps people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in a very special way: through art. We initiated this relationship because we wanted to pool our CSR activities as much as possible and find a social partner we can support in the long term. We wanted to make sure that everyone at Knoblauch can relate to their commitment and is able to identify with the joint projects. And it worked!

Because our third-year technical apprentices planned, designed and built the new Arthelps premises in Stuttgart all by themselves. The budding technical product designers and carpenters developed their own modular cubic furniture system, which can be combined to form seating landscapes, bar tables or shelves as required. There is a large and flexible wall for the presentation of the Arthelps products. Intricate shelves on bright red cords adorn the window spaces.


Everyone gets their money’s worth in the Arthelps base: the Arthelps staff at work, creative people pottering about, guests and friends partying and shopping. The spaces are inviting, bright and friendly. And they emphasise the idea behind Arthelps in a very special way: your life is a colourful as you dare to imagine.


And this is the kind of boldness that enabled our trainees to tackle this task. We proudly observed the ease with which they made the project their own. And they were just as proud at the opening ceremony when people loved and praised “their” Arthelps base.