CLIENT: White Monkey
CITY: Leipzig
SIZE: 180 sqm
PHOTOS: Ippolito Fleitz
PROJECT PARTNER: Ippolito Fleitz
OUR SERVICES: furnishings, fullservice

What are the scissors doing on the table? And what’s the white monkey doing everywhere? Self-confidently, White Monkey ushers in “the end of boring pizza”. Leipziger Pizza Lab & Bar offers classic and unusual creations from the stone oven in a relaxed atmosphere. From the breakfast pizza and the La Bomba pizza cushion all the way to the Candy dessert pizza – here you can find it all, and it’s long rather than round. Because it’s easier to share long pizzas. Using scissors, incidentally.

It comes as no surprise then that at White Monkey the furnishings are also anything but standard. There are colourful lamps on the tables. Knobbly columns that look like oversized pearl necklaces. A giant light box on the wall and a sound-absorbing wooden grid ceiling. And let’s not forget that the pizzas & co. are prepared for everyone to see.

As a general contractor, we have developed the dining room, including 60 seats, the kitchen and the bar area: a total of 307 sqm. We have planned and installed the wooden grid ceiling, we have done the painting, the dry wall construction and we have laid the tiles. We have installed the kitchen, the bar and the pizza oven, and we have furnished the dining room the bar and the counter. Ready to use. White Monkey is a food lovers’ brand by Marché International and part of the Mövenpick group.