CLIENT: Vitalia
CITY: Grünwald
SIZE: 100 sqm
PHOTOS: Jens Pfisterer
OUR SERVICE: strategy, interior fittings, furnishings, fullservice

The 100 square metre Vitalia health store in Grünwald is a place where people go to feel good. The large shop windows alone provide for a very special atmosphere. A welcoming cup of tea, friendly faces and a softly lit shopping environment. This is somewhere you can stay for a while. The Vitalia architecture is geared to the needs of people. Anything against nature will not abide for any length of time, said Charles Darwin.  Everything deserves attention, says Vitalia.

The reform movement of the early twentieth century was used as the main theme for the new store design. The desire for healthier living conditions was at the time in harsh contrast to the widespread industrialisation. From this evolved modern architecture which, with its basic geometry, has a strong influence on the Vitalia concept. Mixed with organic forms and natural materials, which are reflected in the anthroposophical approach of health store products, this resulted in a store which at the same time is a place where people can relax. In the words of Arctic explorer John Franklin (1786-1847): “I am a friend to myself. I take seriously what I think and sense. The time I require for this is never wasted. I allow the same for others.”

The Vitalia concepts is geared consistently to the needs of people. And this pays off, as proved by three convincing results: plastic-free store fittings, a 15% reduction in the product range and a lasting increase in sales.