CLIENT: Storck
CITY: Oberhausen
SIZE: 160 sqm
PHOTOS: Guido Leifhelm
PROJECT PARTNER: dan pearlman
OUR SERVICES: interior fittings, fullservice

“How could I forget little Michael? He came to me every week, and every time he said with his eyes lit up: Storck Riesen, please, Mrs Lange.” How could we forget this story – we have heard it too many times during the advert breaks on TV. Here in Germany, at least. It’s a Storck story among many that have shaped our childhood. Now for the first time, all these stories and all the delicious Storck confectionery brands are united under one roof: in the new Storck World at the Centro Oberhausen. On 160 square metres, the umbrella brand showcases its complete portfolio – from Dickmanns and Nimm 2, to Merci, Toffifee and Knoppers – it’s all there in one store.

As the general contractor, we built this store within eight weeks. And to make sure that the delicious chocolate doesn’t melt, the temperature must not be above 21 degrees, which is why we also installed a new air-conditioning and ventilation system. The shelf units on the walls are decorated with large, brown drops that remind us of liquid chocolate. The white drops look like milk, and the drops made from oak stand for caramel.

The first Storck flagship store for kids and adults with a sweet tooth will open its doors on 3 November. You can bet that the Storck World will come up with many more stories! Stories that our children will remember one day. Stories like this one:
“I remember exactly the day when my grandfather gave me my first sweet. It was a Werthers Echte and I was four years old.”