CLIENT: Sport Schwab
CITY: Ellwangen
SIZE; 1.000 sqm
PHOTOS: Jens Pfisterer
OUR SERVICE: design, interior fittings

Become a hero and choose your weapon. Sport Schwab confidently invites its football enthusiast customers to kit themselves out ready for the battle to commence on the pitch. It’s hardly surprising then, that the newly renovated area of the sports store has been styled with typical elements of a football stadium:

White lines and artificial turf, mobile signs on poles that look like pitch markers. The changing rooms with their white tiles are reminiscent of team showers – the lights inside are fitted in shower heads. The large green shoe tower is styled on a goal – rounded lines have been given the “corner” treatment, the kicker’s boots have landed on the shelf. A huge shoe cloud directs the eye upwards. Myriad colourful football boots dangle from the ceiling. All of these are returns that Sport Schwab has collected over the years. Some of them still have turf from original pitches clinging to their studs. The whole installation is topped-off with the soccer cage. Real tournaments are held here with supporters taking their places in the semi-circular stands.