CLIENT: Ravensburger AG
CITY: Dresden
SIZE: 200 sqm
PHOTOS: Jens Pfisterer
OUR SERVICES: design, interior fittings, furnishings, fullservice, lighting design, rollout

Explore the world with a tiptoi? Do you want to scramble up the Lotti Karotti hill? Or would you prefer to stroll around in the Brio train? All of this is possible at the new Ravensburger World in the Altmarktgalerie in Dresden. Guaranteed it’s not only the kids who get their money’s worth here.

The bottom line is, of course, that as many Ravensburger products as possible end up in the shopping bags of the boys and girls. However, the new concept in Dresden turns the rules of the game at the point of sale on it’s head. Here, the children experience the philosophy first hand. Combining a playful approach with the pedagogical methodology of the southern German family company whilst automatically becoming test players on a large scale. Around half of the sales area is dedicated to gaming. The successful Ravensburger products are replicated in XXL and form a gigantic brand playground. Explore gravity at the Gravitex marble run or climb on an ice floe with Plitsch Splash Penguin, what an experience!

Although the shop appears colorful at first glance, the products are logically sorted and only available in the quantity that visitors can quickly find their way around. In addition to all the colors, the carpet in a bright rainbow course – made from 100 percent recycled materials – is particularly eye-catching.

So far the brand with the blue triangle has used the toy shops and various drugstores as well as a few outlets as sales locations. The first own brand store has now been created in Dresden, and more are already being planned.