CLIENT: Private
SIZE: 45 sqm
LOCATION: Lake Constance region
PHOTOS: Ben Decker
SERVICES: Architecture, interior design, lighting planning, interior fittings, furnishing

The children have left the house and suddenly two rooms are empty. The parents decide to give up their bedroom, which was small anyway, and to move to the now vacant, larger area. But what to do when the offspring comes to visit for a few days, with kith and kin?

We accompanied the family in these deliberations and found the perfect solution: a narrow extension in timber frame construction, which, thanks to the light pitched roof, appears to be harmoniously integrated into the existing building, but thanks to its partly wooden facade made of horizontal larch boarding, it seems like an independent house. However, you will look in vain for an entrance here. As the guest house is exclusively for family and friends, all visitors are welcomed in the main building. Inside, the transition from old to new takes place seamlessly. The guest bathroom and the entrance with a fitted workplace are in the existing building and represent the only access to the new building. That is why both rooms already speak its interior design language: friendly color tones, natural materials and linear furniture characterize the homely character of the retreat.


The extension itself, with a ground floor area of ​​just 20 square meters, is the perfect retreat. In addition to the bunk with double bed, which is separated from the living room by a curtain, there are two more beds on the first level (approx. 8 m²) and a fifth bed on the second level (approx. 5 m²). The living area, equipped with a cozy armchair and fireplace, is open to the window front at a height of more than five meters up to the roof. The floor-to-ceiling window elements open onto the terrace, which is integrated into the facade by a wooden frame. No matter what time of year, a short stay in the guest house promises muse and distraction. It is the few and reserved materials that radiate calm and comfort in equal measure: silver fir on the walls, floors and fixtures, exposed screed in the living area and large sand-colored tiles in the bathroom. By the way, there is no kitchen in the guest house. We cook and eat together in the family home.