CLIENT: Leffers
CITY: Oldenburg
SIZE: 4.000 sqm
PHOTOS: Joachim Grothus
PROJECT PARTNER: Blocher Blocher Partners
OUR SERVICES: interior fittings, furnishings

In 2014 we converted the Leffers’ ladies’ world, and two years later we were given the opportunity to redesign the men’s department. The men’s section is 4000 sqm in size. 4000 sqm of masculine materials and styles. The sales area is divided into three themes: casual, urban and suits. Three fashion lines whose differences are underlined by characteristic furnishings.

The casual section features sportive fashion flanked by concrete, brick and solid, untreated looking wood. The coarseness lends authentic coolness, and the look of incompleteness reinforces the area’s loft character. Leffers’ urban motto, characterised by casual chic and progressive fashion styles, on the other hand, is translated into materials such as brass, leather and reflective metal tiles.

A wall with a diamond-patterned structure lends an additional design feature. Mustard-coloured leather armchairs and sofas are suggestive of the atmosphere of an English club. Golden light sockets with bulbs emitting golden light give it a sophisticated and warm touch.


The suits section is much more elegant. Classic menswear and men’s suits are framed by distinguished seating furniture and a luxurious panel parquet floor. The spacious changing rooms with floral wallpaper create a stylish atmosphere, valet stands with a brass look finish catch the eye and are functional at the same time.

Restaurant Schmitz on the first floor was also redesigned as part of the new men’s theme. Here, the design concept continues, creating an attractive new look with different zones. Casual elegance coupled with loft character creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, ideally complementing the shopping experience.