CLIENT: Landgasthof Linde
CITY: Hepbach
SIZE: 150 sqm
PHOTOS: Ben Decker
OUR SERVICES: design, interior fittings, furnishings, lighting design

The Landgasthof Linde has been family run for over forty years and since the junior managers have been on the move, a fresh, yet familiar wind has been blowing through the company. Modernisation is taking place in many corners and the traditional is being reinterpreted. So too the restaurant itself. The old character should be preserved, but the atmosphere raised to a contemporary level. What can remain and what must give way? The right mix was achieved with great sensitivity.

The old herringbone parquet in the hall has been preserved and comes into its own as has the rustic beamed ceiling in the dining room. There is also a new wall panel, simple corner benches and comfortable chairs by Ton (Bergamo), Prostoria (Rhomb) and KFF (Maverick).

Thanks to the sound-absorbing curtains from Gerriets, the acoustics in the separable hall and in the dining room are very pleasant. Since more rooms were recently built, the Linde has significantly more overnight guests. In order to do justice to the new breakfast situation, the counter was redesigned while the new technology does the rest to minimise annoying noises.

Nothing has been changed on the floor plan itself, only the entrance area has been reconfigured, thereby slightly enlarging the interior. With a total of 150 square meters, the country inn offers 40 seats in the dining room and up to 70 seats in the hall. A size where the warm hosts are still close to their guests. A size in which their family values and regionality are still clearly visible.