CLIENT: Kastner & Öhler
CITY: Innsbruck (AT), Kaufhaus Tyrol
SIZE: 6500 sqm
PHOTOS: Jens Pfisterer
SERVICES: interior fittings, furniture

6,500m² sales area, 300 brands, 100,000 fashion items. Wow! These numbers promise a pure shopping experience and an almost unimaginable selection. Agreed! The new branch of Kastner & Öhler in Innsbruck, the first in Tyrol by the way, has a lot more to offer. “The idea was very clear from the start: to create a uniqueness that is reflected in an urban modernity, yet also in a natural, alpine and cozy atmosphere. The customers should feel at home right away and take the new branch to their hearts” says Kastner & Öhler.


The new branch should be a meeting point in Innsbruck – for everyone who loves fashion and beauty. For this, the fashion house spared no expense or effort. For the benefit of the impressive merchandising, the escalator was moved by half a meter and the interior was built with high-quality materials. Solid oak wood is used for entire wall cladding and central room furniture. Real floor tiles adorn the furniture fronts in the beauty area. Facade glass, which produces different reflections depending on its rotation, was built into the furniture in the form of cubes and surfaces. The brass surfaces round off the harmonious overall picture and leave no doubt about the statement by Kastner & Öhler: We are Austria’s most beautiful fashion house.