CLIENT: Intersport Räpple
CITY: Tübingen
SIZE: 900 sqm
PHOTOS: Jens Pfisterer
OUR SERVICES: strategy, design, interior fittings

As soon as you enter the newly renovated Intersport Räpple store you notice the striking, semi-trapezoidal furniture. Everything appears to be in motion. Slanted shelves and oversized arrows on the walls symbolise the forward movement. It’s difficult to escape this powerful dynamics. You can almost physically feel the one brief moment, the tense pause before the starting shot for the sprint.

The strong design language that runs through the whole building is coupled with reduced colours that define the individual areas. The running section, for example, features pastel shades of yellow, orange, salmon, blue and green. The bright colours discreetly stand back to make way for the vivid running fashion and colourful shoe collection. The children’s department, on the other hand, features strong blue, green and turquoise. The women’s section captivates with various shades of grey combined with oak and black industrial lighting. The softer atmosphere is deliberately based on the design of fashion stores. Yoga, pilates and co. are no longer just about fitness, the focus is now on wellness, the right mindset and the I in the now.

The centrepiece of Intersport Räpple is the staircase and the connection between two floors. Finally, there are two entrances: the street entrance on the ground floor and the passage from the Mode Zinser store next door on the first floor. The two bright colours yellow and turquoise are real eye-catchers and tell you straight away what’s downstairs and what’s upstairs. The silhouette of an active woman athlete further emphasises the effect while at the same time picking up on the dynamic theme.