Different is better

The coffee bar in the discarded bus


Client: Knoblauch
Location: all arround the world
Service: strategy, interior fittings, furnishing, fullservice, lighting planning

What was originally conceived as a trade fair presence could not be more up-to-date today, four years later. Little space, scarce resources, cool design – cleverly combined, this creates the maximum experience.

And is more than ever the answer to expensive rental space, cloudy uniformity and turbulent competition.


Exactly the same principle was the trigger for us back then, to transform the discarded bus into a coffee bar, to cart from Lake Constance to Düsseldorf and there to outside the exhibition center – to create a temporary retreat. A cozy atmosphere, a warm open fire, delicious coffee, relaxed people. The complete opposite to the loud performance show that took place in the exhibition halls.

Even though the actual event is all over and done with and the coffee bus has long since found another home, the beat still echoes within us. No booth has managed that before. That is pure sustainability, not just materially but especially emotionally.

The shell of the old bus is just a placeholder for us.

Comparable gastronomy concepts – whether temporary, mobile or stationary – work just as well in a shipping container, any type of vehicle or otherwise a box. It’s less about the trimmings than the idea that’s in it. The experience that will be remembered forever. Because different is really better.