100% ECHT



KUNDE: Knoblauch
ORT: Euroshop Düsseldorf
LEISTUNGEN: Strategie, Design, Innenausbau, Möblierung, Fullservice, Lichtplanung

If you built yourself, how would you be made? The finish…semi-gloss lacquered panels, smoothly sanded and oiled wood or even from 3D printing? And how would you be shaped? Straight, circular or even wild birds generated by a computer? We had gone through it all in the planning for our own trade fair appearance. And nothing really worked. To be honest with ourselves: we were an old hut made of weathered wood and deformed by the wind.

The weekend program was quickly established: out into the fields and the woods in search of the right hut. In the hinterland from Lake Constance and not far from our home, we found what we were looking for. Two days later we started dismantling it – first a few roof tiles, then the beams and gradually the individual boards. Everything nicely numbered for the reconstruction.

And that was our booth: the head and around it, a simple scenery covered with black netting. It couldn’t have been easier, more real and it doesn’t work. Because it doesn’t always matter, to plan everything down to the last detail with the intention of creating something unprecedented. Sometimes there are completely different stories to tell, their value reflected neither in the materials nor in the sophisticated architecture: Identity, handcrafted. 100% REAL.