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For us, it is important that we take responsibility and in doing so create an environment in which people and values can develop. This conviction is central to all our thoughts and guides us in our actions.



Our employees are the best thing we have. We value their commitment greatly and it is important to us that we give them something for this in return.



  • Freshly prepared meals every day at very reasonable prices
  • Several stations with drinking water, hot drinks and fruit (all free of charge)
  • Working hours that are as flexible as possible
  • Possibility of home office
  • Time off in lieu of overtime
  • Sports activities
  • Company doctor and various health measures
  • Advice on ergonomics at the workplace
  • Choice of seating options
  • Up to 40% contribution to company pension
  • Bike leasing
  • Electric charging station
  • Free parking
  • Very good transport connections
  • Pool vehicles
  • Internal and external coaching
  • Further education and training courses
  • Possibility of study grants
  • Regional cooperation with schools
  • Company apartment and help in search for accommodation
  • Individual support in emergencies
  • Employee parties and team outings
  • Corporate fashion


We attach importance to an atmosphere of mutual trust. This is also reflected in our corporate culture:

  • Knoblauch takes care. To say hello and thank you. And respects every individual.
  • Knoblauch relies. On itself and others. On honesty and learning from mistakes.
  • Knoblauch asks. Anyone and at any time. Answers are given free of charge.
  • Knoblauch sticks together.  Even when something goes wrong. So long as we stick to it.
  • Knoblauch unites. We can achieve more if we work together. Working against each other only holds us back.
  • Knoblauch can do it. Tricky assignments bring great results. And a lot of pleasure.
  • Knoblauch gets the job done. Tackle the job instead of sitting it out. Short distances also keep you fit.
  • Knoblauch rocks. At parties and trade fairs, in projects and on building sites. With each other and with customers.
  • Knoblauch laughs. Is different and makes us proud. No Knobi. No fun.
  • Knoblauch dresses. Casual with pleasure. And in white when necessary.



We are proud of our specialist workshop in Markdorf – the very heart of our company. Here we produce primarily prototypes and individual small batches. We cover much of the volume with partner companies which have their own production. In doing so we can only act honestly and fairly, according to our corporate values. And: Only by working together can we be successful over the long term – which will secure jobs at the partner companies as well as our own.



  • Longstanding cooperation with around 40 partner companies
  • 70% of the partner companies for more than 10 years
  • Another 15% for more than 5 years
  • Tied to our quality management
  • Uniform packaging requirements
  • Europe-wide network (Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy)
  • 90% of goods are delivered by consolidated transport
  • Transport-optimised direct deliveries to building sites with on-site inspection






People are central to all our thoughts. Resource-efficient behaviour is therefore a matter of course for us, because it has a direct impact on our well-being.



Measures at our site

  • Wood-fired heating using waste wood from the workshop and waste heat from the compressors
  • Office areas cooled using own well water
  • 75% energy saving in the paint shop due to use of cross-flow and rotary heat exchangers
  • Solvent distillation unit for the production of cleaning agents and disposal of paint sludge in residual waste
  • Solvent-free UV paint shop
  • Exemption from requirement to prepare the solvent balance sheet due to increased use of UV and water-based paints
  • PV system to generate electricity covering the company’s requirements
  • 2 electric charging stations for e-vehicles
  • Cardboard pallets to the highest possible environmental standards
  • Biodegradable packaging materials made out of corn and potato starch
  • Plastic-free anti-slip cardboard
  • Edge protector made out of cardboard and adhesive tape made out of paper





  • DIN ISO 9001 Quality management
  • DIN ISO 14001 Environmental management
  • DGNB Gold for the flagship store Marc O’Polo in Berlin


  • German Brand Award // 1 x Gold // 2 x Winner //  1 x Special Mention
  • German Design Award // 2 x Winner // 1 x Special Mention
  • Iconic Awards // 1 x Best of Best
  • Focus Open // 1 x Silver
  • Stores of the year // 1 x Winner //  1 x Nominierung




The German Design Council is one of the leading competence centres for design in the world. As a service provider to the industry it provides a unique forum for cross-industry knowledge transfer in the areas of brands and design. It helps companies develop their brands and designs and communicates design as a valuable benefit – both in Germany and worldwide.

We are a foundation member of the German Design Council, which was set up in 1953 following a decision by the German Bundestag. The council has been advocating good design for more than sixty years through competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications. The group of benefactors of the German Design Council includes more than 200 design-oriented companies with a total of more than two million employees.



We have supported Arthelps with great enthusiasm since 2013. An initiative established by creative people and artists which helps people from deprived backgrounds in a very special way: with art. With various creative projects, it gives them a platform on which they can discover and live out their artistic potential. Dissemination of the works created through media allows the problems of participants to be seen and heard by a wide audience.

We also support clubs and campaigns in which our employees are active and with which we have a direct relationship through them.






Because we are convinced that valuable environments

  • offer a real experience
  • provide a better quality of life
  • invite people to stay
  • last for a long time
  • make people more successful